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ReUnion — a form of Applied Kinesiology — is an effective biofeedback process. I was on the receiving-end of this energy work for many years and was so impressed by its effectiveness that I became a professional practitioner myself, over 10 years ago.

By using muscle testing, we are led, via the wisdom and truth that lives in the body, to clarify and release old patterns and blocks you may be experiencing. Together, we employ the power of our innate access to sacred energy, plus creative visualization and acupressure, to support you in opening to new beliefs and new choices beyond the culturally/ancestrally-inherited patterns that sometimes may inhibit your natural and free expression. The goal? More freedom to live as your free and beautiful self.

$128 for a 75-minute session.

Sessions can be done remotely. Email me to schedule.


feng shui blueprint

Create a harmonious home with this customized plan for the best use of each room, space planning, and color palette, based on an analysis of your home using Classical Feng Shui calculations. — $700