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warm minimalism


Color Drama + Clear Space
Minimal doesn’t have to mean all white. Minimalism can come in any hue!

The term minimalism is used a lot in the design world. And it seems that every designer uses that term a little differently. So above are examples of what comes to mind for me when I consider creating a space that is warm and inviting, and also “minimal”.

I am an artist who is heavily influenced by the minimalism art movement and by color field painting. Roam interior design is an extension of that.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE me an all white room! But that is not what’s best for everyone. Therefore, our design work — warm minimalism — encourages using a plethora of colors, in a well-curated way! Each room then becomes a Color Field painting of its own — and the flow from room to room feels seamless.

The qualities of Roam’s warm minimalism are…

  1. A curated, sparing display of decorative objects in order to fully showcase just your most beloved treasures. This lack of visual clutter supports a quiet mind and a restful environment – peace inside and out. Fewer objects allows you to fully be with what or who is in front of you in your home.
  2. A celebration of the beauty of the materials used — wood, brick, iron, ceramic, marble, concrete, and so on. We savor the quiet beauty of materials — their textures and colors — and allow them to sing in the space.
  3. Enriching the space with a refined color palette that warms the client’s heart.